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Seren del Grappa

From Feltre, you can reach Seren del Grappa (6 km) following the "Montegge" Road which runs on the left shore of the Stizzon Stream and it borders the last descendants of Mt. Tomatico (1594 m) and Mt. Santo (1538 m), all the way to the southwestern margin of the Feltre Plains.
4 km away, there is Rasai, a village that used to be made up of mostly farmers but now it's filled with hand craft shops and industrial activities. The center that used to lie around the neo-classic style church at the top of the "pascolet"= "pastures", now spreads itself along the main road and in the surrounding country.
If you take the left turn at the fork in the road, you'll reach Porcen, which lies in a valley at the foot of Mount Tomatico. In the church, it is still possible to see the remains of a fresco cycle by Giovanni di Francia (mid 1400's), while on the major altar behind a gold colored wooden icon dated back to the 1600's there is a painting by Jacopo da Valenza dated back to 1504.
From Porcen, heading east, it is possible to reach Tomo and then Feltre.
Still from Porcen, a network of labeled paths called "Alta via degli Eroi" = "Highway of the Heroes" starts, and it starts from Bassano Del Grappa through the mountain chain of Grappa, and follows all of the crests of the eastern dorsal.
The name "Highway of the Heroes" indicates clearly the character of this path, which are often dirt and mule roads from the first World War 1915-18. The environment is pre Alpine, in its wildest and loneliest form. Many mountain crests, grassy slopes, and rocky spurts characterize it. Given the karstic structure of the entire system, the water is rare. The anthropological aspect is characterized by temporary settlements. The most original structure was the so-called "sfojaròi," an old country house whose roof was covered with stone layers and branches of beeches. Unfortunately, these structures are not so common any more but we hope that the few that are left will be preserved as a testimony of the popular culture of this area.
Of the many architectural structures connected to Alpine holsters, unfortunately only remains are left.
Some buildings have been restored (the local country homes of Lebi, Valporre, Bocchette, and Prassolan) now available as sleeping quarters for excursionists.
2 km away from Rasai the village of Seren del Grappa rises, whose panoramic positions is surely on of the most picturesque in the Feltre area. The village's profile is characterized by the white 1700's church and by its lean tower bell made of stones. The church keeps an interesting painting from the Venetian school from the 1500's.
Following the valley border, it is very interesting to see the beautiful grassy balcony where the S. Siro church rises, whose origin dates back to the 1200's and that in 1266 was chosen as a hideaway by the Ghibellines, who were exiled from Feltre for conspiring against the Guelphs headed by the Bishop Villalta. From here, a beautiful panoramic view over the Grappa and the Feltrine Mountains. A little further ahead, on the side of the Avien, it is possible to see the entrance to a broad cave called "camin del Podestà", frequently related to popular fantasies.
We have arrived to the wild environment of the Seren Valley. The most important village is Pian della Chiesa and it is one of a group of houses that face the church. The remaining settlements in the valley are homes spread throughout the area and country homes often abandoned whose structure relates to the old economic system, based on the sheep herding activity.
the many excursions that can be taken from here are a little difficult but extremely fascinating, especially along the new road in Valle Bocchette, to the country homes of the mountain chain in addition to the one to Cima Grappa (1775 m) and to the Ossuary Monument.
The Grappa area was, after the lost battle of Caporetto, the place where all of the Italian defense concentrated during the first World War and all of the mountain peaks and the fields around here still hold evident traces of that terrible period.
From Grappa, it is possible to follow the Cadorna Road and reach Bassano, or descend toward Caupo, a village that can be found in the county of Seren del Grappa, and that lies at the foot of Mount Roncon (1164 m). In Caupo, on the left shore of the Stizzon Stream, there is a characteristic church from the 1400's. 1 km away, in S. Lucia, by the homonymous medieval sanctuary, there is the road that connects Feltre with Fonzaso.

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