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Sensi: musei senza barriere
Sensi: musei senza barriere
Sensi: musei senza barriere

Museums and collections Museums and collections
The many museums and collections in the Province of Belluno are the evidences of the territory's rich and varied history

Civic - Historical Museum
The civic-historic museum exhibits remains of World War I and World War II found in the area, ...

Historical Museum of the 7th Alpine Troops Regiment
The museums houses many relics of the 7th Regiment history, starting from its origins in 1887 ...

Natural History Museum of Chies d'Alpago
The Natural History Museum displays a rich collection of artifacts of Natural Science collected ...

Civic and Archaeological Museum in Mel
The civic and archaeological museum in Mel displays Paleovenetian artifacts found in the necropolis ...

“Toni Bevilacqua” Historical Bicycle Museum
The museum exhibits a valuable collection of bicycles, accessories and national and international ...