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Festivals and traditions

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Festivals and traditions


When autumn comes and the woods of the Dolomites light up with infinite shades, many villages recall their rural origins celebrating the return of the animals to the village from the high mountain pastures where they spent the summer months.

Epiphany bonfires

The tradition of the epiphany bonfires is celebrated in almost every Dolomite valley when, on the occasion of the Epiphany, the villages light up with propitiatory fires as a good omen for the new year.

Festivals of patron saints

The festivals of patron saints were once the occasion, not only of important religious celebrations, but also of events of a lay nature, often accompanied by fairs, markets and amusement rides.

Le usanze di San Martino

November 11 is the anniversary of San Martino, patron saint of the city of Belluno and several other municipalities in the province such as Valle and Vigo di Cadore, co-patron of the Diocese of Belluno-Feltre together with Saints Vittore and Corona.