Casteldardo (foto F. Sovilla)

Trichiana is centrally located at the intersection of the San Boldo mountain pass, ancient connection with Vittorio Veneto, and the Piave river that separates the town from Sedico, situated on the right bank of the river.

Several hiking trails wind across the area where you can also find equipped areas for picnics as those in Pianezze, Pera, Pranolz and Melere. The Ardo creek flows through the whole area, starting from the top of the Prealps, and its name is linked to the ancient castle of Casteldardo built in a strategic position to control the surrounding territory and the commnication ways to and from the plains of Treviso and mentioned in many stories and legends. Of the castle remain only a tower, now evocatively surrounded by fields.

With the beginning of the Venetian rule during the early years of the fifteenth century, starts the season of the villas. These countryside residences, allowed the wealthy families of Belluno to control their domains and spend the warmer months in nature. Villa Piloni in Casteldardo, built in the late sixteenth century and the seventeenth-century Villa Piloni in Carfagnoi are just a few examples of the presence of the Venetian villas in the Prealp foothills, as well as Villa Montalban in Pialdier and Villa Alpago Novello in Frontìn.

Numerous houses of worship characterize the area. The oldest is dedicated to San Felice, existing at least since at the thirteenth century, but you can also find aedicules and capitals dedicated to various saints situated along the roads as protection for pilgrims and passer-by.

The town is also home to the National Literary Award "Trichiana Paese del Libro" ( Trichiana town of the Book), which since 1974 offers a rich calendar of cultural events related to reading and the enchanting of books.

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