Eyes from all over the world to describe the Dolomites, the mountains of Venice
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Venice and its Dolomites: Doge's Palace and the mount Civetta (image by Nicolò Miana, catalogue Province of Belluno)

Just one glance: the heart is pounding and it's not possible to remain unimpressed. Just one glance and here they are: the sea, the lagoon, Venice, the palaces, the bridges, the bell towers, the human mastery. The same glance and there they are: the mountains, the Dolomites, the peaks, the pinnacles, the pastures, the magnificence of nature, so wild, so unconquered. The Dolomites, the mountains of Venice. Just one glance and a world inside. It seems impossible, but it's all there.

This is the perfect postcard and now we are looking for new eyes that can describe it, in a project of territorial promotion that emphasizes the magic that the province of Belluno can create also from kilometres away.
We started with these pictures taken by Nicolò Miana: born in Lido, his mother is from Venice and his father is from Agordo. He seemed to be the perfect testimonial of the mark “The Dolomites, the mountains of Venice”.  He bewitched us with his sensitivity, because he reads and captures a land that belongs to him both for the sea and for the mountains. But now we would like to be touched by the point of view of whom comes from far away and may observes for the first time the beauty of the Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage site.

For that reason, we decided to start a selection campaign of other pictures that can capture new perspectives on the Dolomites in the province of Belluno, that can describe their millennial profiles and sides, the grace of the wildlife and the traditions of the people that live there, the variety of the colours of flowers and plants and the waters that engrave the rocks. Pictures that show  mankind and  nature, the peace of the places but also the enthusiasm of the discovery, of the conquer, the slow times and the great passions. The complex and precious nature of the infinite balances that make the Dolomites unique. The pictures will be bought.

The application is open to Italian and foreign VAT registered professional photographers, who meet the requirements to work with the Public Administration. For more information and applications, please write to m.zucco@provincia.belluno.it. The purchase of the pictures is possible thanks to the project “Vivere le Dolomiti – Attuazione piano di marketing territoriale”, supported by the Border Municipalities Funds.
Amateur photographers are excluded from the possibility to give materials and participate in the selection.

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