Astronomitaly. Dinner with the stars
Enogastronomia, Altri appuntamenti
rifugio averau.

Enjoy a unique experience under the starry sky of the Dolomites, savour the haute cuisine of the Averau Refuge and observe the deep sky wonders with telescopes in the midst of the snow-capped mountains: "Dinner with the Stars" is the name of this event organised by the hosts, the Siorpaes family, in collaboration with the company Astronomitaly *

The choice of this mountain hut situated at an altitude of 2416 metres is no coincidence: Averau Refuge is an exceptional vantage point for stargazing with telescopes, immersed in the silence of the Dolomites, with no light pollution.

Amateur astronomers will accompany the participants on an amazing journey through space, showing them stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and, of course, the moon.

The contemplation of the sky will be continued on Saturday, 25th January, but this time by day with a special solar telescope.

A pretty impressive experience, suitable for all ages.


Localita' Forcella Nuvolau, 9

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