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On the next 13 July the show “The Casal Boats: masterpieces of the boat-builders from Zoldo to Venice” will open its doors to the visitors in Fusine-Val di Zoldo (Belluno), more precisely in the “Almerindo Rizzardini” conference hall.

An exciting journey in a world too often unknown, that takes its lifeblood from the ancient artisan wisdom of Zoldo’s area (Belluno) and that twists and turns proudly through time and space

The exhibition is an interesting tribute to the Casal’s family talent from Val di Zoldo, a family that was able to come out on top of the best gondola builders of the Venetian boatyards since the early XVIII century.
A tradition 200-years long, too often forgotten also among local people, who appointed nonetheless their best artisans to the job of boatman.
The first testimony of shop boys from Val di Zoldo in Venice dates to 1735. The result of their dedication to this profession was extremely remarkable since the beginning of their experience, when among all the most appreciated was Bortol Casal, of the Casal’s family.

A thrilling journey for all the guests, that starts with a real gondola on display as an introduction to other eleven incredible models designed by Giuseppe and Antonio Casal and directly imported from the Correr Museum of Venice.

This exhibition project is created with the specific purpose of promotion and valorisation of the artisanal works of excellence, especially of those conceived by mountain folks through the past centuries in the Venetian Lagoon. This represents the definitive evidence of how the mountains of Belluno and the lagoon of Venice are forever and deeply bound to each other and beautifully complementary.

Opening times and location:
“Almerindo Rizzardini” Conference Hall, 3 Giovanni Angelini square, Fusine, Val di Zoldo, Belluno, Italy
Open from 13 July to 27 October 2019
Every day from 10.00 to 12.00 / from 16.00 to 19.00 (Closed on Monday)

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Opening days and accessibility
from - to Sunday at 10:00
from - to Sunday at 16:00
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