Photo Exhibition Le Montagne del Castello
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Montagna Pelmo

These images are the result of many years of exploration and observation of the mountains of Livinallongo, around the Andraz Castle, a privileged observation point on some of the peaks of the Dolomites known all over the world.

During the days spent walking along paths and crests to reach valleys and peaks, the camera has always accompanied me, allowing me to interpret the landscape before my eyes. A landscape declined in black and white, to capture its essence, the most intimate and essential aspect.

Waiting for the moment and the right light was often the most important part in addition to the simple shot. The intent of this exhibition is to convey the same emotions and looks experienced during explorations and at the moment of shooting ".

The author, Alberto Battarelli, was born and lived in Trento and is very close to the areas of Livinallongo: his maternal grandfather, Giacomo Crepaz, elementary teacher, born in Larzonei, lived in Andraz di Livinallongo del Col di Lana (BL).

Alberto Battarelli
T: +39 347 15 43 086

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Opening days and accessibility
from Monday to Saturday at 08:30
from Monday to Saturday at 12:00
from Monday to Saturday at 15:30
from Monday to Saturday at 18:30

Via Mesdi - Arabba 66/A-B

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