Civic Museum Vittorino Cazzetta

The Civic Museum in Selva di Cadore, dedicated to Vittorino Cazzetta  (self-taught scholar and passionate of archaeology thanks to whom some of the most important archaeological remains of the area were found), is one of the most interesting museums as regards the archaeological finds in the Alps.

It is this museum, in fact, which houses the most important evidence of prehistoric life in the Dolomites, the man of Mondeval, the dinosaur footprints of the Pelmetto, until other archaeological specimens found in the area of ​​Selva di Cadore and Val Fiorentina.

The exhibition introduces visitors to the prehistoric world through a video that traces the discovery of man's burial of Mondeval.
In the central hall you can see some rock specimens, minerals and fossils, especially the era of the Triassic (251-199 million years ago). Here, there is also a reproduction of the Pelmetto Dolomite rock, on which were found the footprints of some dinosaur specimens; a discovery that took place in the 80s which represented a very important witness and object of study and research.

A section of the museum is dedicated to the Man of Mondeval de Sora: the skeleton of a Mesolithic hunter lived 7500 years ago and found in the territory of San Vito di Cadore along with other archaeological finds that were his grave goods: hunting tools and aids derived from worked flint, bone material and propolis, among which deserve a special mention the tip of harpoon of deer antlers and an atrophic teeth of deer necklace.
In the exhibition you can see the man's skeleton, while some videos and performances show the visitor a reconstruction of prehistoric life

On the upper floor of the museum space is a section dedicated to the early history and the history: here are kept some archaeological finds made in the area Mandriz, in Selva di Cadore, among which are some flint from the late Neolithic period and the age of copper, a few pieces of vessels and rock inscriptions. In central location it has also placed the stele of paleoveneta origin found on Mount Pore.

There are, finally, scrolls and medieval maps: other important historical witnesses of the area of ​​Selva di Cadore.

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