The Alchemist's house museum

Opened on July 29, 2006, the Museum hosted in the house called “del Cinquecento” (of the sixteenth century) is situated in Valdenogher (municipality of Tambre).

The unusual façade is enriched with a decorative stone bas-relief so unique that these decorations were interpreted as symbolism related to Alchemy.

The exhibition set-up includes household furniture (kitchen table, desk, library, etc.) that contains books and illustrations that explain the practice of alchemy, probably developed by the ancient owner of the palace.

Local tradition tells that the stone symbols, still visible on the façade, are related to the owner of the house, perhaps a noble sentenced to death in Alexandria ( Egypt) for the practice of alchemy and who had found refuge in Alpago thanks to the Republic of Venice.

There are no chimneys and for this reason the walls, especially those on the ground floor, are blackened by soot. 

Opening days and accessibility

 Opening hours:

-from July to September on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and on Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm;
- the other months only by reservation


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