Tiziano Vecellio's Birth house

The town of Pieve di Cadore is often known to be the birthplace of the illustrious painter Titian; just a few steps away from its main square is situated, in fact, the house where the artist lived during childhood and occasionally in later life.

Titian's fifteenth century house has been undergone for years to several restorations and renovations, but it still preserves the charm of an old house in Cadore style: some walls are covered entirely of wood, the furniture is rustic and a welcoming atmosphere takes the visitor into the world of the famous painter through works and memorabilia.

This masonry house-museum built on an irregular plan, is entirely open and spread over two floors connected together by a wooden outside staircase: a large, comfortable lounge on the ground floor, where on the walls you can see reproductions of artwork and autographed copies of letters, is the visitor's point of departure that can continue the visit in the other five characteristic environments, located on the top floor, including the kitchen with traditional hearth.

Aperto/a al pubblico

Via Arsenale
32044 Pieve di Cadore

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