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Archaeological area of Làgole

Archaeological area of Làgole

In Lagole, near Calalzo di Cadore and within an impressive natural thermal environment dating back to 2.500 years ago, there is a pre-Roman or Roman archaeological site characterized by a palaeovenetian origin sanctuary
Archaeological area of Mondeval

Archaeological area of Mondeval

The Mondeval de Sora plateau, near San Vito di Cadore, is the important place where a skeleton of a Mesolithic hunter era who lived about 7.500 years ago in the Alps of the Dolomites was found

Archaeological site of Feltre

Underneath the churchyard of the Duomo of Feltre you can visit the archaeological site of almost 1,000 square meters, which bears the traces of the first phases of the city's life

Paleovenetian Necropolis of Mel

At the entrance of the charming town of Mel you can visit the Paleovenetian necropolis dated back to VIII - V BC. This “dead's city”, discovered thanks to the excavations started in 1958, allows to know how the Paleovenetian population lived

Pelmetto dinosaur footprints

On the lower peak of Mount Pelmo, the Pelmetto, are the evidences of the passage of some dinosaurs dating back 200 million years ago. In a large rock, the footsteps of at least three dinosaurs of the Mesozoic are clearly visible indeed