Archaeological area of Mondeval

In the municipality of San Vito di Cadore, the plateau of Mondeval de Sora, enclosed to 2.150 m among the Dolomite peaks of Pelmo, Croda da Lago, Rocchette and Lastoni Formin, represents the prehistoric site of high major share of Europe.

In 1987 in this area, under a dolomitic rock, it was found the skeleton of a Mesolithic hunter era who lived about 7.500 years ago. The man, cro-magnon Stone Age type, was found with his perfectly intact and remarkably well preserved funerary equipment. A very important discovery from the historical point of view that revealed, along with the Similaun mummy and other prehistoric finds, habitual attendance of the prehistoric men at high altitude, in the Alps.

The skeleton, preserved in an exceptional way, is now housed in the Museum of Selva di Cadore, along with other remains found in the area, such as residues of a hut, flint tools and even organic remains of food and game.

A bit of history

The Mesolithic era, better known as the Stone Age, is mainly characterized by the development of increasingly sophisticated techniques for working stone: the finds date back to this period are in fact often made up arms thrown like arrows, spears and flint flakes.

The numerous finds of Mesolithic findings have shown that even the Alpine area was a place of allocation of prehistoric man.

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