Alpine Paths of the Dolomites

The best way to experience and discover these wonderful mountains is to take one of the fantastic Alte Vie - which are high-altitude itineraries, from refuge to shelter, without cars, timetables and stress - or one of the Dolomites' panoramic rings, among which there areeven seven "thematic and talking" with free APP.

Going through one of the routes of the Highways is the most beautiful way to experience the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage: stay at altitude for several days, up to almost 3,000 meters altitude, allows you to enjoy those moments that during normal day trips do not succeed to enjoy all the way. See the refuge in the distance, being completely immersed in nature in a silence full of ancient sounds, meeting new people along the way and admiring a landscape without equal, are just some of the magical experiences that can be experienced along an Highway of the Dolomites.

The paths of the Highways of the Dolomites are held constantly along marked trails and are within reach of any hiker with a minimum of equipment and mountain practice.

Numerous variations are foreseen at the margins of the basic courses, which, although they do not present strong mountaineering difficulties, require caution, absence of vertigo, accompanying driving or of fellow experts for the less experienced. In Summer it is better to book well in advance overnight stays at the lodge.

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