Alpine Path of the Dolomites no. 8

The Alta Via no. 8 follows a route of about 63 km and consists of four stages which link Feltre (province of Belluno) and Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza). The itinerary is also known as “Alta Via of the Heroes” because it runs through an area that still tells the heroic deeds of the many soldiers and civilians who lived here during the Great War.

The itinerary starts from Feltre, the Piave Valley, and ends in Bassano del Grappa, in the Brenta valley. Two great rivers that mark the boundaries of this pre-alpine route that runs from north-east to south-west and that stretches for exactly 30 km as the crow flies, while the path is of about 63 km. The Alpine Path of the Dolomites no. 8 crosses the Grappa Massif and three Veneto provinces: Belluno, Treviso and Vicenza.
This path, excluding the uphill stretch of the first stage and the long descent of the last one, remains at an altitude between 1044 m (Forcella Bassa) and 1775 m (Mount Grappa) and is suitable for all hikers; only the CAI Montebelluna path is more challenging because it crosses the “Cengia del Prada” and an equipped stretch with fixed ropes at the Forcella d'Avién. For the more experienced there are some alternative detours offering more technical excursions.

The most scenic stretch is on the ridge of the following reliefs: Mount Tomatico, Mount Santo, Cima Sassumà, Mount Peùrna, Mount Paión, Colle Crodarotta, Mount d’Avién, Sasso delle Capre, Mount Fontanasecca, Mount Solaròli, Col dell’Orso, Mount Casonét and Mount Grappa. The only real shelter along the route is Rifugio Bassano on Cima Grappa (1745 m), because along the other stages there are only some refurbished bivouacs; this is why we recommend to bring a tent and a sleeping bag.

The Alta Via no. 8 crosses landscapes truly extraordinary and unique, in the wild world that rises southern of the Dolomites UNESCO Heritage and is a path that lets you discover places of the Great War, culminating in the military shrine of Mount Grappa built in 1935 to house the remains of the fallen between 1917 and 1918.

Points of interest or stages

Stage 1 – From Feltre to Malga Pàoda crossing Mount Tomatico

  • Total altitude difference: 1340 m (uphill), 420 m (downhill)
  • Trail Length: about 15 km
  • Crossing Time: 6 hours
  • Signs: no. 841
  • Difficulty: Touristic - Hiking

Stage 2 – From Malga Pàoda to Malgo Val Dumèla along the “CAI Montebelluna” Path

  • Total altitude difference: 780 m (uphill), 790 m (downhill)
  • Trail Length: about 15 km
  • Crossing Time: 8 hours
  • Signs: no. 847
  • Difficulty: Trekking – Equipped Trekking – via ferrata

Stage 3 – From Malga Val Dumèla to Rifugio Bassano through Col dell'Orso

  • Total altitude difference: 830 m (uphill), 260 m (downhill)
  • Trail Length: about 13 km
  • Crossing Time: 5 hours
  • Signs: no. 845, 843, 156
  • Difficulty: Trekking

Stage 4 – From Rifugio Bassano to Bassano del Grappa through Val dei Lebi and Val di Santa

  • Total altitude difference: 1615 m (downhill)
  • Trail Length: about 20 km
  • Crossing Time: 6 hours
  • Signs: no. 80
  • Difficulty: Touristic - Hiking


Technical details

Alpine Path of the Dolomites no. 8

  • Start Location: Feltre (province of Belluno)
  • End Location: Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza)
  • Crossing time: 4 days
  • Trail lenght: about 63 km
  • Shelters on the main route: 1
  • Bivouacs on the main route: 5
  • Longest leg: from Malga Pàoda to Malga Val Dumèla Pala – Stage 2, crossing time: 8 hours
  • Shortest leg: from Malga Val Dumèla to Rifugio Bassano – Stage 3, crossing time: 5 hours
  • Total crossing time: about 25 hours
  • Difficulty: medium and high
  • Total altitude difference uphill: about 3100 m
  • Total altitude difference downhill: about 3200 m
  • Maximum altitude difference uphill: 1340 m, Feltre – Mount Tomatico – Stage 1
  • Maximum altitude difference downhill: 1615 m, Cima Grappa – Bassano del Grappa – Stage 4
  • Maximum trail altitude: Rifugio Bassano to Cima Grappa, 1745 m
  • Minimum trail altitude: Bassano del Grappa, 130 m
  • Mountain group along the way: Grappa Massif
  • Opening period of the shelters: from the end of May to the beginning of November
  • Signs: adequate everywhere
  • Recommended period: from June to October

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Opening days and accessibility

From June to October.

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