Hikes and Walks

Discover nature during a walk allows you to admire in tranquillity the magnificent landscapes of the province of Belluno. From the more challenging hikes reaching the high-altitude mountain refuges in the Dolomites, recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site, crossing the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park and along the banks of the Piave river and its tributaries.

From north to south, the Province of Belluno is a set of stunning views to admire quietly during a walk among a variety of unique flora and fauna.

Several itineraries and paths both for the more experienced and for families, to discover even walking briskly with poles, as proposed by modern Nordic Walking. Spectacular places for those you want to enjoy a holiday or even just one day immersed into the extraordinary nature of the Belluno Dolomites.

Archaeology and paleo-botany route From the Humankind Museum in Cansiglio to the Peat-bog of Palughetto At the foot of the Monti del Sole mountains in the Belluno Dolomites National Park This itinerary unwinds between the northern part of the municipality of Sedico and the town of Sospirolo at the foot of the Monti del Sole mountains inside the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park among natural landscapes and history Between Mel and Lentiai, on the left banks of the Piave river Valbelluna is a perfect area for Nordic Walking. In particular, the area on the left banks of the Piave river between the towns of Mel and Lentiai hosts the Stride Walk-fit Park, where you can find several marked routes Botanical Nature Trail From the Archeton picnic area to the Botanical Garden and the Ecological Museum Historic-naturalistic ring around Mount Grappa The historic-naturalistic ring around of Mount Grappa runs along paths and mule tracks on the top of this mountain, theater of the Great War, and features educational panels dedicated to its flora and fauna Honey route The itinerary winds through the roads of the town of Limana, among Venetian villas and producers of the Honey of the Belluno Dolomites DOP (PDO, Protected Denomination of Origin), a suggestive and tasty route that combines local history with a sweet product Lake Senaiga: in the territory of the Lamon Bean PGI This itinerary, to experience on foot or by bike, starts from Lamon and descends towards Ponte Serra bridge, built to cross the Cismon stream, reaching the dam that closes the Senaiga stream, creating the namesake lake Path of the Cimbri Villages Inside the Cansiglio forest there are 6 cimbri villages Sentiero Alpago Natura This itinerary with different stages winds across a territory characterized by forests, mountains and a lake, where you can discover the history and culture of this land, a great mix of colors and landscapes Tour of the Pian of Landro Reserve - Baldassarre ou follow a ring path, following the perimeter of the Pian of Landro Oriented Nature Reserve - Baldassarre created for the protection of parts of the forest of high natural value
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