Lake Senaiga: in the territory of the Lamon Bean PGI

The itinerary, to experience on foot or by bike, starts from the center of Lamon, territory where the Lamon bean PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) is produced. Descending towards Ponte Serra bridge, built to cross the Cismon stream after the construction of the road that connects Fonzaso to Primiero in 1882, you will reach the dam taking the road on your right with the signs for Lake Senaiga. Along your way you will cross some short tunnels, not always lit, so we recommended to bring a torch.

The damming of the Senaiga stream, 62 m high, built between 1949 and 1951 is an important example of double-arch dam designed by the engineer Carlo Semenza, who also conceived the famous double-arch dam called “Vajont”. These types of dams are particularly resistant, so that the Vajont managed to remain intact despite the landslide of Mount Toc, which caused on the night of October 9, 1963, the destruction of the town of Longarone and the nearby villages.

Passed by the dam, you will walk along a stretch of forest road that overlooks Lake Senaiga where you can admire many examples of mallards and grey herons. Continuing along the road you will reach the locality of Prese, a wide grassy slope; from here you can admire an incredible view over the plateaus of Lamon and Sovramonte, overlooked by Mount Coppolo and the Vette Feltrine peaks.

Going down to the locality of Vapora you will reach a footbridge suspended over Lake Senaiga: a breathtaking place from which you can enjoy a wonderful landscape. From here in about 40 minutes you will return to Lamon.

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Opening days and accessibility

From May to October.

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