The Way of the Dolomites

The Way of the Dolomites is not just a simple trekking route, but it goes much further. It is a circular route with 30 legs (over 500 km) that unwinds through the entire province of Belluno. You will discover the most significant religious and historical sites, following ancient tracks featuring 14 possible detours (sometimes shortcuts) to explore unique valleys and villages.

A route immersed in quiet and peace, along mule tracks and mountain paths, as much as possible far from traffic, suitable for everyone, that avoids difficult passages even if constantly at medium-high altitudes. This itinerary is perfect to share with friends or family in order to facilitate the discovery and meditation on the extraordinary natural environment that characterize the province of Belluno and the true meaning of life in this land. It is important to properly consider the length and time involved in each stage and be equipped with backpack, boots and the desire to discover the majestic beauties of the Dolomites.

Just one tip: you should walk along the Way of the Dolomites a bit at a time, maybe a stage by year, pick up the “credencial” where affix the stamps of the stage that you have done which is marked with white metal panels with the logo of the Way of the Dolomites and the double yellow and red band along the paths and roads.

You can find the Guide of the Way (210 pages) and the Tabacco maps (1:25,000 and 1:75,000) available at tourist offices, which can help you to choose which stage to follow and what to see in the vicinity. There are also many hotels that can offer helpful advice and valuable support to move safely and to learn more about the area.

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