Stage 28: from Nevegal to Belluno

From the Sanctuary dedicated to Mary Immaculate, descend towards the central square of the Nevegal ski resort and then continue towards Quantin crossing the Valley of San Mamante, where you can admire the church dedicated to the saint and built near a water spring that, according to tradition was particularly used by women who were breastfeeding.

Trevelling along the downhill road, you will reach the village of Faverghera and then Castion, an important and populous town featuring the parish church of St. Maria Assunta. From here the itinerary continues towards Cavessago reaching the main road that leads to Belluno and to the Piave river. You will cross the river over the Ponte della Vittoria bridge, built in the twenties of the twentieth century and you can choose three different routes to get to the city center: up along the old city walls of Via Sottocastello, via Porta Rugo or you can use the modern lifts from the parking lot of Lambioi and quickly reach Piazza Duomo square.

Piazza Duomo square has always been the political and religious center of the city, featuring the cathedral dedicated to St. Martin of Tours, the fifteenth-century “Palazzo dei Rettori” (Rector's Palace), ancient seat of the Venetian rule, “Palazzo Rosso”, now City Hall and “Palazzo dei Vescovi” (Bishop's Palace), today used as Auditorium. Worth a visit is the nearby Civic Museum which tells the story of Belluno from Prehistoric times to today, displaying artifacts, paintings and sculptures.

The nearby Piazza Castello square, where once stood the town fortress, is a wonderful balcony that allows you to admire the Piave river and Valbelluna. Walking through the streets of the city, you can discover the ancient history of Belluno, through “Piazza del Mercato” (Market square) and finally getting to “Piazza dei Martiri” (Martyrs' square), where you can enjoy a coffee while admiring the spectacle of the Dolomites represented here by the Schiara mountain with its towering Gusela del Vescovà peak.

Technical details

Difference in height: 700 m

Negeval (1010 m) – Belluno (383 m)

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Municipalities Municipalities
Treasure chests among the Dolomites

Belluno rises above a cliff spur at the confluence of the Ardo torrent and the Piave river, ...

Urban salons Urban salons
Welcome to the most beautiful squares of Belluno

Piazza dei Martiri Square
The urban salon of Belluno is Piazza dei Martiri, featuring historical cafés, palaces of noble ...

Museums and collections Museums and collections
The many museums and collections in the Province of Belluno are the evidences of the territory's rich and varied history

Civic Museum - Belluno
The civic museum of Belluno, opened in 1876, displays archaeological findings, paintings and ...

Castles Castles
Strategic strongholds between Venice and the northern lands

Castle of Belluno
The castle of Belluno is part of the history of the city thanks to its remains which can be ...

Venetian villas Venetian villas
Noble Venetian architectures among the mountains

Belluno and surroundings
Belluno and its surroundings are home to some of the greatest Venetian villas of the entire ...

Opening days and accessibility

From March to November.

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