Stage 3: from Cima Loreto to Passo Croce d’Aune

The third stage starts from the spiritual site of Cima Loreto, surrounded by lush green nature and overlooking the plain of Fonzaso. Continue along the level ground road that crosses woods and meadows until you reach Col Agaz, from where you can see Lamon and Sorriva di Sovramonte.

Leaving the main road, the route runs into the woods with some steep sections up to Col Falcon, and from here, along paved roads in direction of the town of Servo di Sovramonte. You will arrive to a wooden footbridge that crosses the Ausor stream, in the locality of La Val. The itinerary leads you to Sorriva along a dirt path featuring waterfalls. Near the first houses of the village, you can see in the distance the church of St. Giorgio, perched on a hull and dominating the entire area of Sovramonte. The church is a small treasure trove of art including magnificent fifteenth and sixteenth century frescoes covering about 150 sqm of interior walls and an altarpiece painted by Marco da Mel in 1538 depicting the Madonna and Child with St. Vittore and St. George.

Then continue towards the paved road that connects Sorriva with Zorzoi, continuing towards the town of Servo and then going up to the church of St. Rocco. From here the itinerary leads to the center of Servo, where the ancient church of Santa Maria Assunta is worth a visit. This church was mentioned for the first time in the papal bull of Lucio III in 1184 and displays numerous works of art like many frescoes painted from the fourteenth century.

Near a small octagonal aedicule, there is an uphill stretch that quickly reaches the nineteenth-century capital of Roda which as popular tradition has it, is linked with Attila. From here continue along the ancient “Cavallera” road, probably of Roman times, where you can admire a wonderful view over the Vette Feltrine peaks and the Dal Piaz refuge, until you will see the village of Aune and the church of the saints Pietro and Lorenzo.

After passing the town of Aune, near a fountain in the square, take the uphill road that flanks a picnic area. Following a steep path through beech woods, you will arrive to Cimamonte. The stage ends in the main square of Passo Croce d'Aune, inside the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.

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Difference in height: 900 m

Cima Loreto (903 m) – Passo Croce d’Aune (1015 m)

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The town of Fonzaso is located at the edge of the plain between Mount Avena and the Grappa ...

Lamon is situated under the flat rocky ridge of Mount Coppolo and stretches over a wide territory ...

The plain of Sovramonte is situated along the main road that connects Feltre to Fiera di Primiero. ...

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Lamon bean P.G.I.
The bean is the emblem of an agricultural production of high quality in the territory of Belluno; ...

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Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park
The southernmost area of the Dolomites is part of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park: an ...

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From March to November

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