Stage 5: from Arson to Col Cumano

This stage starts from Arson (municipality of Feltre) along the road that leads to Montangna. From the small square where you can admire an ancient wash house, take the road on your left and then a path that leads to Val Canzoi.

At the end of the downhill stretch, before heading towards Le Ave, you must visit the small church of St. Eurosia, Spanish Martyr, in the past invoked for rain and to ward off storms and this was probably a passage of the ancient Via Claudia Augusta Roman road. Passed by the villages of Le Ave and Bordugo, you will arrive to Toschian with its church of St. Vidal, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Sass De Mura, part of the Cimonega mountain group.

Through woods and meadows you will go up to Cullogne, coming out in front of the small church and left the “Chiesette pedemontane” path, the itinerary continues to the village of Roncogna bassa and from here to Cesiomaggiore. The municipality is part of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park and was formerly crossed by the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate, ancient Roman road that connected the Adriatic Sea with the Danube. Commissioned in 15 BC by the Roman general Drusus Major (adopted son of Emperor Augustus), the road was designed as a passage in the Alps during the Austrian military campaigns. The long road was not completed until 60 years later by Drusus's son, Emperor Claudius (41-54 AD) and was marked by milestones, one of which is now preserved in Villa Tauro alle Centenere (Cesiomaggiore).

From the church of Cesiomaggiore, continue along the paved road towards Morzanch, continuing then towards the localities of Boschi di Villa and Col di Ferro. You will then reach the crossroad for Villa di Pria from where you can enjoy the view over Cergnai, Val Scura and Mount Pizzocco. In Al Cristo descend towards Col Cumano (municipality of Santa Giustina), spiritual center built in memory of Pope Luciani (John Paul I), arrival point of the fifth stage of the Way of the Dolomites.

Technical details

Difference in height: 300 m

Arson (530 m) – Col Cumano (382 m)

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Municipalities Municipalities
Treasure chests among the Dolomites

Cesiomaggiore lies along the foothill road along the hills sloping down to the bed of the ...

Feltre still shows important traces of its past, in particular in the historic center completely ...

Santa Giustina
Santa Giustina is located halfway between Belluno and Feltre, and the area includes northwards ...

Food and Agricultural products Food and Agricultural products
The pleasure of mountain meals

Cesiomaggiore Potato De.C.O
Cesiomaggiore Potato De.C.O is certified as a quality food product thanks to the recent redevelopment ...

Museums and collections Museums and collections
The many museums and collections in the Province of Belluno are the evidences of the territory's rich and varied history

Ethnographic Museum of the Province of Belluno and Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park
The museum aims to collect, preserve and promote the heritage of objects, memories, documents ...

“Toni Bevilacqua” Historical Bicycle Museum
The museum exhibits a valuable collection of bicycles, accessories and national and international ...

Venetian villas Venetian villas
Noble Venetian architectures among the mountains

Villa Tauro
Villa Tauro or Villa delle Centenère is a typical example of a seventeenth-century building ...

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Riding into the wild

Via Claudia Augusta Altinate
The Via Claudia Augusta Altinate, ancient Roman road built in 15 B.C. By the Roman general ...

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