Cookie Policy


What cookies are

Cookies are little files that are automatically insert  in the browser. They have base information of your internet navigation, thanks to your browser they know every time you are entering the web site.


Cookie that we use

In this web site we use cookies, (there will be cookies from Third party’s), for an important reason that is to improve you navigation experience and give who’s in the internet to use at best our services and let the advertising be in line with your interest. The cookies that we normally use is in the category’s that will be list down here.


Cookies management

Remember that you can manage your preference of your cookies with your browser.

Use Internet Explorer. Press click on “setting” then “internet options“. In the Privacy go with the mouse up if you what to block all the cookies and down if you accept all, then press ok. 

If you use Firefox. Go to the “menu  settings” of the browser and select the menu “Options” and press on “Privacy”, and flag the cookies voice if you accept if not take it off. 

If you use Google Chrome. Press on the menu of Chrome in the bar, press on “settings“. Press on “advance settings“. In the “Privacy” section press on “Content settings“. In the section “ Cookies“ press on accept cookies or no accept cookies. Then press OK. 

If you use whatever other browser, search for the setting of the cookies.

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