Ai Colli di Casteldardo Trichiana The Farmhouses Casteldardo of Trichiana, housed in an old farmhouse, is located in the Belluno valley, on the left bank of the Piave river. It offers the possibility of accommodations as well. Ai Cuc Cesiomaggiore Surrounded by greenery at the entrance gates of the UNESCO heritage of the Dolomites, the farmhouse Ai Cuc is a good choice for a peaceful and relaxing stay among nature. Located in Cesiomaggiore, it offers accommodation in comfortable apartments Ai Gir Mel The farmhouse Ai Gir is located in the centre of the picturesque village of Cordellon, once a populous agricultural centre of the Zumellesi Prealps, not far from the town of Mel. It offers a restaurant service and accommodation Al Bachero Belluno The farmhouse Al Bachero is located in Levego, 5 minutes from the centre of Belluno. It offers catering and accommodation in rooms Al Bon Tajer Al Bon Tajer Al Bon Tajer Lentiai The farmhouse Bon Tajer is located in San Gervasio of Lentiai with views of the Valley of the Piave and the Dolomites, it also offers accommodation in rooms, with breakfast or half board and restaurant service Al Ciod Arsie’ The farmhouse Al Ciod (650 m a.s.l.) is located on a hill between the Altopiano of Asiago and Mount Grappa, in the municipality of Arsiè. It offers restaurant and accommodation services Al Fagiolo d'Oro Lamon The farmhouse Fagiolo d'Oro is located in a quiet and sunny position a short distance from the centre of Lamon (600 m a.s.l.). Guests can also enjoy traditional Lamonese cuisine Al Preton Cesiomaggiore Albero degli Alberi Seren del Grappa The Farmhouse Albero degli Alberi is located on the northern slope of the Grappa massif at 600 m in altitude, in the municipality of Seren of Grappa, and 7 km from Feltre. It offers accommodation and a restaurant with the farms products
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