Al Giardinetto Al Giardinetto Trichiana The Hotel Ristorante Al Giardinetto is located in Trichiana and is found in the peace and tranquillity of the Valbelluna; being moderate and elegant makes it the right environment for a little relaxation or to rest a night along the way to other sought-after destinations in Belluno Al Sole Al Sole Pieve di Cadore Albergo 3 stelle AL SOLE PIEVE DI CADORE 043532118 Alaska Alaska Albergo 4 stelle ALASKA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436868539 ALL'ALBA Tambre Albergo 2 stelle ALL'ALBA TAMBRE 0437439700 All'Alba Tambre Hotel All'Alba is located in Tambruz in the municipality of Tambre; it has a large play area for children, a private garden, a restaurant and a bar Antelao Sport & Welness Antelao Sport & Welness Albergo 4 stelle ANTELAO SPORT & WELLNESS BORCA DI CADORE 0435482563 Astor Astor Belluno Hotel Astor is located in a strategic position in the historic centre of the city of Belluno and offers a unique view of the Piave valley and Piazza dei Martiri. It offers suites and junior suites, a restaurant-bar and a well-equipped conference room. Bellevue Suites & Spa Bellevue Suites & Spa Albergo 4 stelle BELLEVUE CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436883400 Belvedere Belvedere Albergo 3 stelle BELVEDERE FALCADE 0437599021 Boite Boite Albergo 4 stelle BOITE BORCA DI CADORE 0435487500 - 0435487100 Cappelllo e Cadore Cappelllo e Cadore Belluno The Hotel Cappello and Cadore is located in Belluno in a strategic position just a few steps from the main attractions of the city; it is configured as a choice for a holiday of relaxation and of the deepening of historical and cultural knowledge Casagrande Casagrande Feltre The Hotel Casagrande is located at the beginning of the outskirts of Feltre, at the gates of the Dolomites UNESCO heritage; it offers a simple style but is attentive to every detail offering a warm welcome Corona Corona Albergo 3 stelle CORONA ZOLDO ALTO 0437789290 Cortina Cortina Albergo 4 stelle CORTINA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04364221 Costa Costa Albergo 3 stelle COSTA CANALE D'AGORDO 0437501082 Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Albergo 5 stelle lusso Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436881111 Da Benito Da Benito Ponte nelle Alpi Hotel Da Benito, located in Ponte nelle Alpi, is a good base for any occasion in the Dolomites area Dante Ponte nelle Alpi Hotel Restaurant Dante is located along the Alemagna highway, near the A27 motorway exit for Belluno and not far from the Lake of Santa Croce De La Poste De La Poste Albergo 4 stelle DE LA POSTE CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04364271 Delle Alpi Delle Alpi Belluno The Hotel delle Alpi (of the Alps) in Belluno, renovated in the 80s, is the historic hotel built in 1880 which at the time was the only luxury complex in the area; warm and refined, it is a valid choice for a holiday of historical and cultural interest
Dolada Dolada Alpago Hotel Dolada, is located on the slopes of the mountain of the same name, it is located in Pieve of Alpago and is a good solution for those who want to spend a holiday immersed in nature, while not giving up the comforts of the city DOLOMITI Feltre Albergo 2 stelle DOLOMITI FELTRE 04392146 Doriguzzi Doriguzzi Feltre Hotel Doriguzzi is located in Feltre, and is centrally located and convenient for reaching the historic centre; this hotel is aimed at tourists, students and "business" customers and, with particular attention, to "bike and motorbike" tourism Europa Executive Europa Executive Belluno The Hotel Europa Executive is an elegant and refined hotel, characterized by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Housed in a newly built complex, the hotel represents the synthesis between business travel and a vacation escape Evaldo Evaldo Albergo 4 stelle EVALDO LIVINALLONGO DEL COL DI LANA 043679109 - 043679281 FERROVIA Albergo 3 stelle FERROVIA CALALZO DI CADORE 0435500705 Franceschi Park Hotel Franceschi Park Hotel Albergo 4 stelle FRANCESCHI PARK HOTEL CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436867041 Grand Hotel Misurina Grand Hotel Misurina Albergo 4 stelle MISURINA AURONZO DI CADORE 043539191 GRAND HOTEL SAVOIA GRAND HOTEL SAVOIA Albergo 5 stelle GRAND HOTEL SAVOIA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436 3201 LA CAMINATHA Albergo 3 stelle LA CAMINATHA ZOLDO ALTO 0437789138 La Casona La Casona Feltre Hotel La Casona is located in a quiet area north of the centre of Feltre; within a few minutes you can reach the station, the ice arena, the stadium or the hospital La Montanina La Montanina Albergo 3 stelle LA MONTANINA ALLEGHE 0437721118 Majoni Majoni Albergo 4 stelle MAJONI CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436866945 MARCORA Albergo 3 stelle MARCORA SAN VITO DI CADORE 04369101 Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel Albergo 5 stelle MIRAMONTI MAJESTIC GRAND HOTEL CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04364201 Nigritella Nigritella Albergo 3 stelle NIGRITELLA SELVA DI CADORE 0437720041 ORSA MAGGIORE Albergo 3 stelle ORSA MAGGIORE FALCADE 0437503070 PARC HOTEL VICTORIA PARC HOTEL VICTORIA Albergo 4 stelle PARC HOTEL VICTORIA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04363246 Park Hotel Arnica Park Hotel Arnica Albergo 4 stelle PARK HOTEL ARNICA FALCADE 0437599523 PARK HOTEL DES DOLOMITES Albergo 3 stelle PARK HOTEL DES DOLOMITES BORCA DI CADORE 0436 8980356 Park Hotel Faloria Park Hotel Faloria Albergo 4 stelle PARK HOTEL FALORIA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04362959 - 04364959 Park Hotel Ladinia Park Hotel Ladinia Albergo 4 stelle PARK HOTEL LADINIA SAN VITO DI CADORE 0436890450 Park Hotel Villa Carpenada Park Hotel Villa Carpenada Belluno The Park Hotel Villa Carpenada in Belluno is a splendid historic residence from the 1600s. The fully restored villa houses a 4-star hotel, the Lorenzo III restaurant, the bar and the Berlendis conference and banquet hall. Pineta Pineta Albergo 4 stelle PINETA ROCCA PIETORE 0437722035 Piol Piol Limana Hotel Piol, managed since 1956 by the family with the same name, is located in Limana and is a valid alternative for those who want to immerse themselves in the peace and tranquillity of the Valbelluna RESIDENCE CHALET PANORAMA Albergo 3 stelle RESIDENCE CHALET PANORAMA LIVINALLONGO DEL COL DI LANA 0436780000 Rosapetra Spa Resort Rosapetra Spa Resort Albergo 4 stelle ROSAPETRA SPA RESORT CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 0436 869062 Roy Roy Albergo 3 stelle ROY ROCCA PIETORE 0437522977 SERENA Albergo 3 stelle SERENA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04362604 Tegorzo Tegorzo Alano di Piave The Hotel Tegorzo is located in Alano of Piave, on the slopes of the historic Mount Grappa and is a good solution for a holiday devoted to relaxation and a deepening of historical-cultural of the Belluno territory Valgranda Valgranda Albergo 4 stelle VALGRANDA ZOLDO ALTO 0437789142 VILLA ARGENTINA Albergo 3 stelle VILLA ARGENTINA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO 04365641 Villa Imperina Villa Imperina Albergo 3 stelle VILLA IMPERINA AGORDO 043762046

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