Food and Agricultural products
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The characteristic of the typical products of the province of Belluno is their variety. Through the high lands of Belluno, which can boast a close relationship with Austria in the use of certain ingredients, to Valbelluna, Alpago and Feltre that instead are more influenced by the proximity to Venice.

Belluno's cuisine is a great mix of strong mountain flavors and lighter tastes. The local cooking tradition is linked to the wild and half-wild cattle and sheep breeding, the main economic activity. Pastìn (sausage with spices and aromas generally fried or grilled), Alpagota Lamb or Lamon sheep and excellent cheeses produced in alpine huts or dairies are just some of the delicious dishes that you can enjoy in the Belluno area.

The influences and contaminations have enriched the dishes which are made with local food products and can boast IGP (P.G.I.-Protected Geographic Indication) and DOP (PDO – Protected Denomination of Origin) marks.
In recent years numerous farmers have recovered native varieties to prevent their disappearance and facilitate their spread, knowing that good food comes from a good land. Among these products, the Lamon bean or Cesiomaggiore Potato but also Pom Prussian apple or Feltre Walnut.

There are many restaurants, agriturs or mountain refuges where you can enjoy local dishes, made by skilled chefs using simple raw materials. Just think of “polenta”, once daily food which is eaten with Schiz cheese (melted cheese), pastin or game.
From delicious first courses accompanied with wine or beer locally produced, to grappa with herbs and berries, Belluno's traditional cooking is a great mix of rustic flavors.

Alpagota Lamb Alpagota Lamb Alpago's sheep is a native breed and is considered a triple-purpose ovine, because it can provide quality meat, milk and wool Beer Beer Many typical dishes of Belluno are accompanied with beer produced in the Pedavena Brewery and in the Brewery of Quero, both in the Dolomiti Prealpi territory Cesiomaggiore Potato De.C.O Cesiomaggiore Potato De.C.O Cesiomaggiore Cesiomaggiore Potato De.C.O is certified as a quality food product thanks to the recent redevelopment and enhancement of agricultural activities in Valbelluna Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO Limana The Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO, is produced in the territory of the Province of Belluno, in a wild and pristine nature thanks to the experience of local beekeepers Feltre Chestnut Feltre Chestnut Feltre Feltre Chestnut (or Marrone) is well known for its sweetness and floury texture, which is compact and holds up to cooking and is grown in a large territory, from the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park to the southern Feltre area Feltre Walnut Feltre Walnut Feltre Feltre Walnut is famous for its excellent organoleptic features; used for many dishes, both sweet and savory, this product is included in the “Carta Qualità” of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park Fresh and seasoned cheeses Fresh and seasoned cheeses Many cheeses, in dialect “formaj”, are produced in the territory of Belluno with cow's milk, fresh or seasoned, skim or medium-fat, which in table immediately delights you for their aroma and flavors of herbs, hay and flowers Lamon bean P.G.I. Lamon bean P.G.I. Lamon The bean is the emblem of an agricultural production of high quality in the territory of Belluno; among all the P.G.I. Lamon bean annually celebrated in the famous Lamon Festival in late September P.D.O. Piave cheese P.D.O. Piave cheese Cesiomaggiore The Piave cheese, which obtained the P.D.O. Label (Protected Denomination of Origin) born from the dairy tradition of Belluno, is made from local milk collected by the Lattebusche cooperative and has a processing and seasoning that follows traditional methods Pastìn, cured meats, sausages Pastìn, cured meats, sausages The pig, “piggy bank of the farmer”, is the animal of which you do not throw anything away. Even in the territory of Belluno, pork is especially turned into meat sausages to store for a long or short maturation
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