Lamon bean P.G.I.
Lamon bean P.G.I. (photo Sanson

In the Belluno area, the bean is the symbol of an agricultural cultivation of high quality; among all the P.G.I Lamon bean (Protected Geographical Indication) which is annually celebrated during the famous Lamon Festival in late September.

Small, round, pinkish-white with purple streaks, it is universally known as best quality of the Bortolotti bean, served in soup or with salad. This bean, new in Europe, was brought in this area by the humanist Pietro Valeriano from Belluno, who received it from Pope Clement VII who had received it as a gift from the King of Spain.

In the territory of Feltre, in particular in Lamon and in the nearby town of Sovramonte, the new been found its ideal climate, gradually replacing the cultivation of beans and peas. Even today, in memory of the King of Spain, the most prized one is called “spagnolit”, although there are other types such as Caloneghe special for bean soups.

The traditional bean soup of Lamon can be cooked with fresh or dried beans and is usually flavored with lard, bacon or bacon rind. The low-heat cooking needs many hours and makes the soup creamy.

Lamon beans can also be enjoyed boiled with onion, and dressed with olive oil, salt and vinegar, or mixed with boiled potatoes and fried scraps of bacon to make the so-called Pendolon, typical dish of shepherds.

The Consortium of the Lamon bean was founded in 1993 from the desire of some local producers to pursue the following purposes:

  • distinguish, defend and protect the cultivation and trade of Lamon bean and the use of its name;
  • promote any useful initiative to safeguard the typicality and characteristics;
  • propagate its consumption, facilitate trade and export.

Moreover the Lamon bean, with the variety of Gialèt bean, are included in the “Carta Qualità” of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park (a circuit including and recommending to tourists and residents the facilities and products more deeply linked to the “Park system”).

In Belluno are also produced other varieties of beans recently reevaluated as Gialèt or Solferini, small, yellow beans featuring an exquisite and delicate creaminess or the “mame dell'Alpago”, an ancient cultivation recently recovered.

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