Sponcio Corn
Corns of Sponcio corn and polenta

Sponcio corn (“mais sponcio” in Italian), included in the National List of Traditional Food Products, is a corn variety recently enhanced and re-introduced in the food cultivation by many farmers. The adjective “sponcio” in local dialect means sharp pointed for the particular shape of the kernel (vivid orange color) which comes to a point and is technically called a “beak”, pointed towards the apex of the ear, studied analytical in the nineteenth century.

The cobs are thin and elongated and the corn meal is produced through traditional grinding so that it keeps its particular nutritional characteristics. The area of cultivation is mainly in Valbelluna and in particular the marginal areas of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.

Today, thanks to the exploitation and enhancement of this variety, sponcio corn is used in may dished, first of all the polenta, but also sweets and biscuits.

Since 2008 this product has been enhanced thanks to the Consortium of Protection of Sponcio Corn which includes several farmers that cultivate this kind of variety in particular in the municipalities of Cesiomaggiore, Santa Giustina and Feltre.

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