Discovering quality craftsmanship

Craft creations have always been an expression of material culture, linked to the human and social environment in which they are made. Artisan creativity is "knowledge of the community", cultural heritage and testimony of traditions to be transmitted to future generations, but it is also a fundamental economic resource, a productive mesh made up of micro-enterprises, laboratories and small and medium-sized enterprises rooted in their respective territories. These are companies that promote a centuries-old artistic and productive tradition, custodian of both traditional knowledge and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are in some way universal, since they are attentive to design, to the project, and often create contacts with very different cultural sectors.

The handicraft sector of Belluno can propose current stories and realities in the field of traditional craftsmanship, art and taste. Among the cases of excellence that best characterise the local culture and identity is the wood sector, which dates back to the times of the Serenissima and today is inspired by eco-sustainability and the green economy. There is a even a "Strada del Legno" (Wood Route), which include woodworking schools, carpentry workshops, local sculptors, and the typical Ampezzo furnishings. And there is the iron sector as well, from the mines of Val Imperina to the nails and the swords of the Zoldo area, from the art of Rizzarda to the current wrought iron workshops. The Feltre Crafts Exhibition ( has been the natural showcase of the local iron industry for many years.

However, quality craftsmanship also concerns food and wine which, with their excellence and uniqueness, represents an important sector. In this case, it is a craft of taste that includes homemade ice cream, bread and pastry products, catering, and above all holiday farms and mountain lodges.

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