The excellent food and wine products

The Belluno region is a land with an agri-food culture with a humble profile but extraordinary quality. In the kitchen, a constant research between tradition and innovation can translate the genuineness of mountain products into dishes full of different tastes and aromas. Also the gastronomic proposals reflect the distinctive features of this mountain land: restraint and simplicity, combined with a craftsmanship made of patience, wisdom and a lot of care.

Among the classic dishes of the local cuisine we find corn polenta first and foremost, it particular the sponcio, which in the collective imagination now represents the typical polenta of the Venetian mountains, obtained from a corn that finds in our territories a unique environment to preserve its biodiversity. Polenta goes well with meat, from game to the pastin: a typical Belluno dish, it is a mixture of minced meat flavoured with spices and aromas, cooked or raw. It is included in the list of Veneto Traditional Food Products, it is part of the Belluno Dolomites Cheese and Flavours Route and the Quality Charter of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, without forgetting herbs, mushrooms and the world of dairy products from mountain farms and dairies. A world, the latter, very extended and characterised by many typical products, each with their strong and distinctive features. To name a few, the Piave DOP, the Malga Bellunese, the Fodom, the Contrin, the Schiz or the Zigher.

We should also mention the barley of the Pedavena beer, the speck and the excellent wines, whose vines grow on slopes of more than 30%, the biscuits Sartorelli del Cadore (, the Barancino liqueur ( and the cake Kodinza, from the valleys of the Belluno Dolomites, made up of two simple ingredients: the Kodinzon, a bar prepared with sun-dried apple puree, and the sponcio corn four.

Among the main courses we can mention the gnocchi, excellent those with pumpkin or ricotta, or the casunziei, crescent-shaped ravioli typical of the Ladin culture. Then there are the beans, used in numerous dishes and coming in fine varieties including the Gialét ( or the Lamon IGP, from which we obtain, for example, a typical pasta and beans dish. Among the characteristic meats, we should mention theAlpago Lamb, a Slow Food presidium for its tasty, tender but also compact meat, which comes from the Alpago valley, historically an ideal place for sheep farming, and bears its own brand that guarantees its complete traceability.

A case of excellence in the food sector is the Lattebusche cooperative (, which has always stood out for its perseverance in processing only the milk of its members. The uniqueness of the Lattebusche products derives from a particular combination of factors. The territory of the Province of Belluno, including the Belluno Dolomites National Park, represents a unique ecosystem, where flowery pastures give the milk unique organoleptic and taste features.

The Province of Belluno is today one of the most pristine areas of the entire Alpine area. Its unique features are clearly reflected in a wide range of products with distinctive organoleptic characteristics and in fine dairy products, as in the Piave PDO, produced exclusively with milk collected from the stables of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.

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