The most beautiful mountains in the world, between knowledge and flavors

 On June 26, 2009 UNESCO listed the Dolomites as a World Heritage site (, recognising and emphasizing their peculiarity and uniqueness. Leader of the project, among the five provinces involved, has been the province of Belluno, which hosts 70% of the 142,000 hectares of the total extension of the Dolomites.

This recognition, which has exceeded the stringent requirements for accessing the World Heritage List, has made it possible to officially classify the Dolomites "among the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world". This certifies the uniqueness of the geological and morphological value of the Dolomites, of international importance in the field of scientific studies, as well as the uniqueness of their aesthetic and landscape value. The Belluno mountain environment is a place of infinite charm and variety. It is an uncontaminated nature, sometimes wild but still accessible, enriched by endless colour shades from dawn to dusk and by crystalline lakes and streams. The peaks, known all over the world, offer many different possibilities, from hiking and mountaineering in summer to skiing in winter.

The famous writer Dino Buzzati ( from Belluno, who lived for a good part of his life in Milan, often returned to his Dolomites and asked himself: "Can you find an exact adjective to define that colour that is so different from all the other mountains, which causes an internal wince and evokes intense memories in yours truly, every time he returns and sees it again?" Also another illustrious citizen of Belluno, Tiziano Vecellio, has well represented the dolomitic civilisation in the world. In his birthplace, Pieve di Cadore, there are monuments dedicated to him and his house, as well as the Fondazione Centro Studi Tiziano e Cadore ( with the precious Biblioteca Tizianesca.

The beauty of the environment is accompanied by history, art, excellent handicraft, mountain culture, with ethnographic museums, folklore and traditions, music, songs and dances of popular festivals, carnival celebrations, and food fairs. Then there are the beautiful parks, like the Belluno Dolomites National Park and the Regional Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites, and the whole range of accommodation facilities offering hospitality and professionalism for the valorisation of local gastronomy.

The Dolomites to be savoured, with itineraries created to satisfy the passion for good food. Some of the most important itineraries are "The Road of Cheeses and Flavors of the Belluno Dolomites" (, officially recognised by the Veneto Region: there are ten possible routes among mountain farms, dairies, holiday farms, lodges, typical shops and cultural associations. There are 18 traditional high quality cheeses to be discovered, which are accompanied by meats, fruits, cereals, wines and typical genuine and rich dishes.

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