Alano di Piave Alano di Piave Feltrino Alano di Piave lies on the right bank of the Tegorzo stream and is surrounded by mountains which are part of the Grappa Massif. The territory of Alano is characterized by a varied landscappe that was theater, during the Great World War, of tragic events Alpago Alpago Alpago The town of Alpago opens from Sella Fadalto, just beyond Vittorio Veneto, entering the province of Belluno from the south east and is surrounded by the Dolada Mount, the Nudo Hill, the Teverone and the Cavallo Mount; in his heart the Lake of Santa Croce, which mitigates the climate Arsie’ Arsie’ Feltrino Arsiè, settlement of significant historical importance on the trade and military route between the area of Feltre and the neighboring Valsugana, lies in a green valley tightened by the artificial Corlo Lake southwards and by the first spurs of the Grappa Massif. This area still bears traces of the war events during the Great War Belluno Belluno Valbelluna Belluno rises above a cliff spur at the confluence of the Ardo torrent and the Piave river, in a beautiful setting featuring the majestic Dolomites in the north and the Venetian Prealps in the south that are included for most inside the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. The squares, the palaces and the churches are testimony of an ancient story and of the many great characters who were born and lived in Belluno Cesiomaggiore Cesiomaggiore Feltrino Cesiomaggiore lies along the foothill road along the hills sloping down to the bed of the Piave river. Featuring villas and unique museums, in the town of Cesiomaggiore is situated the headquarters of the well-known Lattebusche cooperative Chies d'Alpago Chies d'Alpago Alpago Chies d'Alpago, overlooked northwards by a long mountain chain starting from Mt. Teverone and ending at Mt. Cavallo, is a land of art and history like the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health and the Museum of Natural History of Alpago, but it is also the ideal starting point for many hikes, mountain bike or horseback rides Feltre Feltre Feltrino Feltre still shows important traces of its past, in particular in the historic center completely surrounded by fifteenth-century walls outside of which is located the Cathedral with a Roman archeological site. The territory is rich in museums, villas, churches and is seat of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites Fonzaso Fonzaso Feltrino The town of Fonzaso is located at the edge of the plain between Mount Avena and the Grappa Massif.
The territory is rich in churches that display many art treasures and is an interesting destination for hikers and climbers who frequent the many natural rock climbing walls at the foot of Mount Avena
Lamon Lamon Feltrino Lamon is situated under the flat rocky ridge of Mount Coppolo and stretches over a wide territory with twenty villages. Characteristic activities of the area are sheep farming and the cultivation of different products among which the famous Lamon Bean P.G.I. Lentiai Lentiai Lentiai, located on the left bank of the Piave river, until the end of the nineteenth century was part of the ancient county of Cesana. Worth a visit is the Chiesa Arcipretale di Santa Maria Assunta of Lentiai, the deanery church and national monument, and the many hiking routes; from mount Cesen to Mariech, from the scenic ridge of mount Garda, Col dei Piatti, Col Moscher up to Stabie and Pian di Coltura
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