Arsie' (photo Rivier De Mari)

Settlement of significant historical importance on the trade and military route between the area of Feltre and the neighboring Valsugana, the territory of Arsiè has always been the point of contact between the Veneto plains southwards and Trentino and Tyrol northwards.

This delicate role, which in the past centuries placed Arsiè on the border between the Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, led to a continuos involvement in all the historical war events of which traces are still evident in the magnificent fortifications built in this area.

Arsiè rises at 314 meters in a green valley tightened by the artificial lake at south, created by the damming of the waters of the Cismon torrent, and by the first spurs of the Grappa Massif and to the north by the peaks of Col Perer and Cima Campo, bordering with the Tesino area and the slope of Lamon.

The western municipal boundaries are marked by the famous "Scala di Primolano", since ancient times a place of transit guarded by the namesake castle, destroyed and rebuilt several times and fought over the centuries in wars and disputes.

In the north, the ridge of Col Perer – Cima Campo starts from the massif of Cima d'Asta through the flat Celado (1165 m); to the south, Mount Cismon (1270 m), an offshoot of Mount Grappa. Col Perer, Cima Campo and the fortifications of the Great War, especially "Forte Leone" were the scene of fierce fighting.

The landscape of Arsiè features the Corlo Lake, artificial basin for hydroelectric exploitation of the Cismon waters, which offers many recreational facilities and tourist attractions along its banks.

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