Chies d'Alpago
Church of San Martino (photo C. Quaglianello)

The area of Chies d'Alpago is located on the left bank of the Tesa stream and is overlooked northwards by a long mountain chain, from Mount Teverone (2347 mt) to Mount Cavallo (2251 mt), which marks the border with the neighbouring Friuli region. It is a municipality characterized by many attractive villages as Lamosano, Codenzano, Palughetto, Alpaos, Carpinetto, Molini, Irrighe, Funès, San Martino (Pedol – Montanès), all linked to the territorial management of the “Regole” (Rules), established in this area since 1280.

Place of power of Endrighetto da Bongaio, capitan of Belluno and Lord of Alpago in the fourteenth century, the territory was controlled by the ancient castle of Bongaio that once was on the top of the steep hill near Lamosano.

There are also many churches in this area, rich in history and art, among all the one dedicated to St. John the Baptist also known as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health, documented at least since the end of the fifteenth century but always described as “age-old” in the documents.

The Museum of Natural History, housed in the former Elementary School in Chies, displays a rich collection of minerals, fossils, animals, plants and some Paleovenetian artefacts found during excavations at the Pian dell'Agnela site (Pieve d'Alpago), that makes the visitor discover and learn about the area's history.
Chies is also the starting point for walks, mountain bike or horseback rides.

Starting from Mt. Teverone, you can follow the ridge of Crep Nudo, Venàl until you arrive to Val Salatis and beyond Casera Pian di Stele, tackling paths more or less challenging.

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