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Situated at the edge of the plain between the imposing Mount Avena (1454 m) and the Grappa Massif (1775 m), Fonzaso is an important road junction in the west of the Piave Valley, allowing transit and access to the Valsugana and Primiero territory (Trentino region).

The oldest part of the town was built around the large parish church, featuring a tall bell tower, that is positioned at the center of the town and houses important paintings of the seventeenth century by Andrea Vicentino, Forabosco, Francesco Frigimelica and many others.

Today Fonzaso has an important industrial center situated in the locality of Fenadora, but in the past its economy was mainly based on trade and the manufacturing of timber that arrived here from the woods of Lamon and Primiero along the Cismon stream, feeder of the Brenta river.
Of such fortunes remain as evidence numerous noble residences among which the sixteenth-century villa Tonello-Zampiero in Artèn, which has a loggia decorated with frescoes of the early seventeenth century.

Behind the town, set in a niche carved into the walls of Mount Avena, were built a small chapel dedicated to St. Michael, a statue of the Madonna on a large and impressive shelf and the keeper's house or "guardian of the fire", known as the "castle" that from the top watched over fire.

Climbing enthusiasts can enjoy fully equipped rock climbing walls and hikers can reach the summit of Mount Avena along trails or easily walk the old road between Fonzaso and the village of Artèn that winds among the slopes of Mount Avena and which is characterized by several chapels.

Suggestive for walks or mountain bike rides are the banks of the Cismon stream that flows between the rocky gorges and the vast plateau around Fonzaso where you can still see the "barch", rustic buildings built with four poles at the corners and a metal sheet roof used to collect hay.

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