Lamon can be reached along the Passo Rolle road that connects Feltre and San Martino di Castrozza (Trentino). After the gorge crossed by Ponte Serra bridge turn left and go up the narrow valley of the Cismon stream. The town is situated under the flat rocky ridge of Mount Coppolo (2058 m) and stretches over a wide area featuring about twenty villages. Among them, worth a mention are the ones of Arina and San Donato, characterized by peculiar buildings and a particular type of organization of the urban context which is still visible. A few km from San Donato, in Val Nuvola on the border between the provinces of Belluno and Trento, you can discover the karst caves where a skeleton of the Ursus spelaeus was found in perfect conditions, currently on display in the lobby of the town hall of Lamon.

Lamon boasts ancient origins which are evidenced by the presence of the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate route, used in the past to connect the Adriatic emporium of Quarto d'Altino with the Danube river and built in the first century AD, but now restored and travelable by mountain bike thanks to a well-marked itinerary.
The two main churches are dedicated to St. Peter and St. Daniel; the first, on the hill of St. Peter, is mentioned in a document of 1177 and houses some sixteenth-century painting realized by Marco da Mel and a painting dated 1571 by Pietro Marascalchi from Feltre, situated behind the main altar. The church of San Daniele rises in the center of the town and was built during the seventeenth century on the ruins of a pre-existing chapel. The building, today deconsecrated, is used for concerts, conferences and exhibitions.

Principal activities of the area are sheep farming, today recovered from some young breeders, and the cultivation of various products among which the famous Lamon Bean PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), supervised by the Consortium for the protection of the Lamon bean that every year in September organizes an interesting market exhibition dedicated to this legume and to the local traditions.

Many hiking trails wind across the territory of Lamon. Worth paying a visit are the Caves of San Donato in the Valley of Cengia near the Senàiga stream, rich in limestone formations such as stalagmites and stalactites.

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