View over Limana (photo Magico Veneto)

 The municipality of Limana stretches up to the Prealps that form the border with the province of Treviso and is characterized by many villages such as Canè, Cenotore, Cesa, Dussoi, Giaon, Mane, Navasa, Polentes, Ricomes, Triches and Villa that are home to many churches rich in art treasures.

During the eleventh century, when the estate of Belluno came under the rule of the bishops-counts, Limana, due to its central location in the Valley of Belluno became a large strategic hub and in fact in the locality San Pietro in Tuba was built a castle and a convent.
Even today, the village of Cesa is an important industrial center, as it was once a vital river port along the Piave river where freights and passengers on rafts passed.

Limana is also place of elegant villas that have seen their golden age in the eighteenth century, as villa Sacello in Col di Mezzo and in Centore, villa Piloni, villa Tasso, villa Barcelloni and villa Trois.
Interesting is the Via Crucis which runs above the village of Giaon and reaches the little sanctuary of Madonna di Parè, with its devotional capitals surrounded by the beautiful natural setting of Valmorel.

This valley, crossed by the Limana torrent, is a stunning place where lovers of hiking or mountain biking can discover many paths. Valmorel struck with its beauties and its views over the Valbelluna also Dino Buzzati, who painted and wrote in "I prodigiosi miracoli di Santa Rita onorati nel Santuario di Val Morel" and today have given inspiration to a path dedicated to the writer born in Belluno.
Buzzati, journalist and novelist, had a great passion for painting and thought to represent those miraculous events; so he created forty ex-voto tables that tell those stories ended well for grace received.

Limana is also town of honey and hosts every year in October, the "Festival of Agriculture and Beekeeping" which, along with the celebration of the saint patron Saint Valentine, is one of the unmissable events in the area.

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