Quero Vas
Veduta di Quero Vas

Quero rises on a hill of Mount Cornelia (630 m), southern spur of Mount Tomatico (1594 m) and creates a kind of natural dam along the Piave river that right here meets the Tegorzo torrent.

The strategic position of Quero, which connects the Veneto plains to the mountainous area of Feltre, has been exploited throughout history, starting from Roman times up to more recent centuries when it was used as customs. Along the Piave rises the structure of Castelnuovo, the last bastion built by the Republic of Venice in 1376 to control both the communication road and the traffic rafts along the Piave river.

Quero was almost totally destroyed during the Great War and then rebuilt. Here rises also the ossuary-monument dedicated to the more than 4,000 soldiers fallen in the Piave battle. The Valley of Schievenin, that starts from the foot of the slopes of the Prealps of the Tomatico-Grappa mountain chain, hosts a very popular natural rock climbing wall, run by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI).

The village of Vas was joined to the municipality of Quero at the end of 2013. The small town is situated in a small valley on the left bank of the Piave river, overlooked by Mount Vallina (1073 m) and are part of the territory the villages of Scalon, Caorera and Marziai.

Also Vas is linked to the events of the Great War, whose history is reconstructed in the "Vincenzo Colognese" Piave Museum in the village of Caorera that exhibits many war relics, as helmets, bayonets and uniforms, including many photographs that show the dramatic events of those years.

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