San Gregorio nelle Alpi
San Gregorio nelle Alpi

Located at 530 m above sea level, San Gregorio nelle Alpi overlooks a territory that stretches from the border of the municipality of Santa Giustina, to the north slopes and the summit of Mount Pizzocco.

In the west, the Vesès stream marks the border and it was an important waterway that for centuries gave energy to the numerous hydraulic factories (sawmills, mechanic's workshops, mills), today rediscovered thanks to an interesting pedestrian route which reaches the Altanon hostel, located inside the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites.

The district is dotted with many villages where you can find traditional houses and many churches and villas, treasure troves of many art treasures. Among these, the small town of Paderno hosts the sixteenth century Villa Sandi, likely a former small castle, and the parish church dedicated to St. Lucano, Bishop of Brixen, built in the seventeenth century. In Fumach there is a great example of a manor building, Villa Romagno, now called Villabruna.

San Gregorio has the good fortune to host in its church an exceptional altar piece realized in 1519 by Alessandro Bonvicini, said "the dark-skinned from Brescia", which with the warm and full colours of the Venetian painting, represents perfectly Giorgione's painting style.

Mount Pizzocco dominates the area with its 2186 m, one of the jewels of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, hiking destination for both families and for the more experienced: among all the scenic route that leads to Refuge Casera Ere that continues up to the Palìa bivouac at an altitude of 1577 m.

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