Veduta dall'alto della Certosa di Vedana

Historically Sospirolo boasts ancient origins. Traces of artifacts from the Bronze Age have been discovered in Val Falcina, while the human presence is documented in Roman times by several findings throughout the area.

The territory is characterized by the presence of charming villages such as San Gottardo where stands out the church dedicated to this saint, that has always been very venerated by pilgrims and travelers tackling the Way of the Hospices. This route, today travelable on foot or by mountain bike, starts from the Mines of the Imperina Valley along the Cordevole river on the outskirts of the Agordino area. Then you'll reach the Certosa di Vedana (a monastery of Carthusian monks that today houses a community of cloistered nuns) in the locality of Masiere, built around the middle of the twelfth century on the site of the ancient Hospice of St. Mark, where was born the scientist and explorer Girolamo Segato, famous for having discovered the method of petrification of bodies.

In the northern part of Sospirolo, the landscape features the Mount Pizzocco's spurs and the Valley of Mis (Valle del Mis) that, with its namesake river and lake, are the ideal destination for hikes and relaxing trips. Here you can admire 15 deep pits dug by the waters of the Brenton stream, called Cadini, which amaze for their beautiful colors and their perfect shapes and are included in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. In the east, rise the impressive peaks of the Monti del Sole mountain group, some over 2000 meters of altitude.

There are many churches in this territory, from the deanery church dedicated to the saints Peter and Paul which overlooks the town, to the small churches with many art treasures hidden inside.

The sunny position of the hills that slope down towards the mountain in the Sospirolo's territory, has encouraged the construction of some noble residences, as the eighteenth-century Villa Sandi-Zasso in Moldoi, Villa Doriguzzi-Bacchetti in Oregne and Villa Agosti-Miari in Susin.

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