Servo di Sovramonte

The plain of Sovramonte is situated along the main road that goes from Feltre to Fiera di Primiero. Crossed the bridge over the Cismon torrent, turn right going up the left side of the narrow valley until you reach the large terrace overlooked by Mount Vallata (2167 m) and Mount Avena (1454 m). After the village of Sorriva, you can admire the small hill on which was built the church of St. George in a strategic position and populated at least since the seventh century, as evidenced by the artifacts found here. The church is one of the most important and ancient houses of worship of the territory of Feltre: inside you can admire frescoes of different ages, the oldest dates back to the fifteenth century, that were painted by various artists as Giovanni di Francia, Marco da Mel and Andrea Nasocchio.

Servo, main center of the area, lies around the ancient church of Santa Maria, north of the plain of Sovramonte where the land begins to rise towards the slopes of Mount Vallazza (2167 m).

In the village of Zorzoi, almost overhanging the deep valley of the Cismon stream, rises the castle of Schener guarding the only passage towards the Trentino region, of which some ruins remain today.

Going up towards the slopes of Mount Vallazza and reaching the villages of Salzen and Aune, there is the ancient Roman route Claudia Augusta Altinate, that you can tackle on foot, by mountain bike or horseback riding thanks to a well-marked itinerary.

The Croce d'Aune mountain pass (1011 m) is one of the main gates of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites and is the connection between Mount Avena (1454 m) and the southern ridge of the Vette Feltrine. In this place inhabited since prehistoric times, a Paleolithic site was found at the merge of the Valley of Rosna towards Fiera di Primiero, consisting of a burial of a hunter dating to 12,000 years ago.

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