Monte Avena, Vette feltrine, Monte Grappa, Forte Leone - Cima Campo, lago del Corlo, Val Canzoi, Val Senaiga, Schievenin

The gentle Feltrina valley is a vast territory composed of 12 municipalities that extends radially around the city of Feltre. A natural territory connecting the pre-Alpine belt and the Dolomite massifs that make up a large part of the Belluno Dolomites National Park included in the Unesco heritage: from the imposing Vette to the Cimonega range with the dolomitic summit of Sass de Mura (2547 m). A precious heritage land that also includes the crystalline lakes of Corlo, Stua in Val Canzoi and Senaiga in Lamon.

In this pre-alpine "world" there is a bit of everything: cliffs, forests, paths of peace and war, mountain pastures, fojaròi, unique and intact flora, alpine fauna to admire along the Alte Vie no. 2 and 8. The Alta Via no. 2, or "delle Leggende" is a hiking trail with stops in the Dolomites and the Alta Via no. 8, or "degli Eroi" connects Feltre to Bassano through Monte Grappa, a mountain "Sacred for the Motherland".

What to do and see

Skiing in the sun: The ski resort of the Feltre region is on Monte Avena, a stone's throw from the Veneto plain, part of the Prealpi Feltrine range, at the entrance of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. Ideal location for family tourism, it offers training runs well suited for children and beginners. The slopes dedicated to alpine skiing reach 1,500 m for a total of 15 km, always perfectly maintained thanks to the snow-making systems running during the night on the Le Buse run. For cross-country skiing there are two rings, 3 and 5 km long, exposed to the sun for the entire day. Wide freedom of action also for freeride lovers and snowboarders: both on the runs, perfect because very wide and with moderate slopes, and in the limitless exploration of the woods.

Ski mountaineering finds here one of its magical opportunities: skiing at the peak of Mount Avena, in Campon, is even more exciting, thinking that recent archaeological discoveries have identified a lithic industry dating back to 30,000 years ago.

Sport for everyone at every time of the day: The mild temperatures and the ideal exposure to the sun also invite to long walks, or excursions with snowshoes: there are several itineraries with the possibility of enjoying beautiful views of the entire valley like on Cima Lan and Forte Leone. Moreover, at the Feltre ice rink you can skate, watch exciting hockey games, figure skating shows or experience the thrill of curling and in the evening Feltre lights up for Nordic ski enthusiasts in the special cross-country ring in Pra del Moro.

The paths of the heart: Heart of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, the Feltre region is a territory rich in wildlife and especially floral surprises: to cross the whole Park you follow the GTP, the Great Crossing of the Park, sleeping in lodges and bivouacs with tasty stops in alpine huts. The protected area is characterised by the presence of environments of high naturalness. There is a rich fauna, such as deer, chamois, roe deer, capercaillie, black grouse, white partridge, golden eagle: some are housed in Vincheto di Cellarda, an integral nature reserve just outside Feltre. Even the flora here is extraordinary: over 1700 species including the Moroccan Campanula, symbol of the Park: 32,000 hectares of woods, grassy highlands, rocky walls, waterfalls and streams.

Starting points for numerous ascents are the Valle di San Martino, the Val di Lamen with the historical-archaeological trail of Covoli, the Passo di Croce d'Aune, from which you can reach the Dal Piaz lodge, the Val di Canzoi from which it is It is possible to get to the Rifugio Boz and the Piani Eterni, which can also be reached from the Casera Ere lodge. Fascinating visits organised by the Official Park Guides. The half-way route to the small mountain churches, which in 13 stages touches the most significant places of worship, is quite enchanting, as is the high trail on the Circhi delle Vette through the glacio-karst basins in an environment of rare beauty with a unique flora.

Art and history: The crown of the mountains frames beautiful landscapes overlooking the Piave river: Quero with the ancient castle and its rock gyms, Alano and Quero-Vas featuring many places with memories from the Great War. The entire Feltre region is crossed by ancient road that connect numerous villages with characteristic and unique views. From the bicycle town, Cesiomaggiore, which also houses the rich ethnographic museum of the province of Belluno, to Santa Giustina with its bridges and the mill of Santa Libera along the Veses, up to San Gregorio which preserves precious works of art on the slopes of monte Pizzocco.

Lands known and loved since prehistoric times. In Val Rosna, in the Villabruna shelters, an extraordinary burial of a Cro-Magnon hunter (12,000 years ago) buried with painted pebbles becomes a unique artistic expression produced in Europe by the Palaeolithic man.

Relaxing in the air, water and mountains: from the sky to the abyss: For those who love thrills and "extreme" sports, there are paragliding and hang-gliding opportunities from Monte Avena. Once taken off, the view is exceptional, it extends from Grappa to Valbelluna, from Vette Feltrine to the Lagorai range. Elating sensations also in the water on Lake Corlo, on the border with Valsugana and Monte Grappa: the charm of a miniature Norwegian fjord ideal for relaxing moments, from pedal boating to canoeing. It is nice to explore the lakeside by mountain bike or walk along the numerous waterways for regenerating hikes like the one along the Fium spring in Vas. A visit to the Vincheto di Cellarda and the naturalistic oasis of Busche is highly recommended, an exciting place for birdwatchers. There is also room for traditional disciplines such as bowls, tennis, horse riding and swimming in the pools of Pedavena and Santa Giustina.

On foot, bike or horseback? For cycling enthusiasts, in addition to the many itineraries of the foothills, the "Toni Bevilacqua" bicycle museum in Cesiomaggiore is worth a visit. Excellent opportunities for those who love horseback rides for a holiday in contact with nature. There are also countless walking paths along the entire Prealp ridge. The naturalistic ring on Mount Grappa and the "Sentiero natura dei Fojaroi" (typical buildings with a beech twig roof) or the excursions towards the Valpore Didactic Center or the Bocchette lodge are worthy of note. A delightful walk through the vineyards climbing to the church of San Micél in Fonzaso, perched on the bare rock in a fascinating position next to the house of the Guardian of the Fire, who had the task of signaling the presence of fires in the plain.

Paths between nature and culture: Near Feltre, art and nature meet in the dozens of Venetian villas that soften the rugged mountain landscape: marked thematic itineraries lead to the most beautiful villas, including the majestic villa Pasole in Pedavena. Some villages have retained the integrity and peculiarity of their original cores, such as the "Solivi di Fastro" in Arsiè or "the Brodi di San Donato" in Lamon. In a dreamy alpine environment, through healthy natural landscapes, Nordic walking awaits us to regenerate body and spirit: there are numerous routes that touch points of interest such as the Sanctuary of Saints Vittore and Corona, entirely frescoed and considered the most important medieval building of the high Veneto region, the arrival and departure point of the "Cammino delle Dolomiti", an itinerary that in 30 stages crosses the entire province of Belluno.


Treasure chests among the Dolomites

Alano di Piave
Alano di Piave lies on the right bank of the Tegorzo stream and is surrounded by mountains ...

Arsiè, settlement of significant historical importance on the trade and military route between ...

Cesiomaggiore lies along the foothill road along the hills sloping down to the bed of the ...

Feltre still shows important traces of its past, in particular in the historic center completely ...

The town of Fonzaso is located at the edge of the plain between Mount Avena and the Grappa ...

Lamon is situated under the flat rocky ridge of Mount Coppolo and stretches over a wide territory ...

The territory of Pedavena, thanks to its overlooking position at the foot of the Vette Feltrine, ...

Quero Vas
The town of Quero creates a kind of natural dam along the Piave river that right in this place ...

San Gregorio nelle Alpi
San Gregorio nelle Alpi overlooks a territory that stretches from the border of the municipality ...

Santa Giustina
Santa Giustina is located halfway between Belluno and Feltre, and the area includes northwards ...

Seren del Grappa
Seren del Grappa is just a few minutes from Feltre and delimits the last spurs of Mount Tomatico ...

The plain of Sovramonte is situated along the main road that connects Feltre to Fiera di Primiero. ...

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By car:

  • From the north: From Belluno via state road 50 bis and 50 Grappa and Passo Rolle.
  • From the south: From Treviso (50 km) - Venice (80 km) through the Feltrina state road.
  • From Bolzano - Trento: From Bolzano take the A22 to the Trento Nord junction, continue on provincial road 235 and on state road 12 towards Trento, take national road 47 in the direction of Feltre, which via national roads 50 bis and 50.
  • From Fiera di Primiero: In the direction of Feltre via state road 50.

By bus: In Feltre there is a bus and coach station. The local transport company, Dolomitibus, offers bus connections to and from Belluno, and with all surrounding towns.

By train: Railway stations of: Feltre, Santa Giustina, Alano-Quero with line Calalzo - Padua, Treviso Montebelluna, Venice.

By plane: The nearest airports: Venice "Marco Polo", 82 km - Treviso "Antonio Canova", 64 km - Verona "Valerio Catullo", 157 km.

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