Art, tradition and culture hide in the dolomites
Lago di Centro Cadore (PH MoLarjung)

Nestled among the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site, Cadore is the land that gave birth to Tiziano Vecellio, master of color and landscape, whose house - museum in Pieve di Cadore is one of the most important places of memory linked to the painter . The humble abode of a young mountain man who left Cadore at a very young age to go to the capital of the lagoon to become the protagonist of 16th century painting, is open to the public and represents the fulcrum of a huge historical and artistic heritage that finds its valorization in a series of modern museums that collect the most important evidence of local culture. In fact, a few steps from the house there is the modern building of the Eyewear Museum, an important testimony of the history of the birth and development of the Belluno eyewear district since the end of the 1800s. A unique museum in the world that collects a rich and precious heritage of objects and documents that tell the evolution and history of the eyewear from the Middle Ages to the present day.
On the hill behind there is the Fort of Monte Ricco. Built together with Battery Castle from 1882, it was part of a set of barrier works and defensive positions in anti-Austrian function.

In the main square of the village there are two imposing buildings, the Archdeacon church of Santa Maria Novella, where important works by Tiziano Vecellio and workshop are kept, and the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, an ancient administrative seat of the territory that from the sixties of the twentieth century it houses the MARC - Cadorino Archaeological Museum. The museum displays pre-Roman and Roman finds of fundamental importance, found exclusively in the central Cadore area, which allow the reconstruction of the ancient history of Cadore. The museum is also located a few steps from the archaeological site of Piazza Municipio, where the remains of a Roman villa emerge from the base of today’s administrative headquarters in the municipality of Pieve. For those wishing to take a fascinating walk in the footsteps of history it is possible, in about half an hour’s walk from the center of Pieve, to reach the extraordinary scenery of Lagole, a clearing full of beneficial springs, home to an ancient sanctuary from which most of the finds from the Cadorino Archaeological Museum.

Living a tourist experience in Cadore inevitably means art, tradition and culture to fully understand the charm that is hidden in the Dolomites, a place full of magic, legend and history

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