Notturno (IAT Auronzo - Misurina - Tre Cime)

The view awaiting you when you get to the entrance to Auronzo town will enchant you with its mountain amphitheatre reflected in its lake, and the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo standing out.

A summer holiday here means a choice of relaxing walks in the forest in the midst of nature, breathing the healthy mountain air, high altitude trekking, mountain bike or e-bike trips such as the Auronzo-Misurina cycle track, ski lift rides to Monte Agudo or Col de Varda for breathtaking panoramas and, for the most adventurous, a Fun Bob descent or one of the Tre Cime Adventure Park itineraries. And, of course, enchanting Misurina with its marvellous lake and fairy-tale Antorno lake. We also recommend a visit to the Palazzo Corte Metto multi-themed museum or the Monte Piana open air history museum. We’re sure that these places will find a place in your hearts and you won’t be able to wait to return!

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