Belluno, porta Rugo (Comune di Belluno)

Belluno is a city to be discovered, walking in the open air, maybe through five thematic paths, appropriately indicated, from the historical center to the famous river Piave . Purple path,named “Zattieri”: from the Square of the Martyrs to Rugo Gate, the path skirts the remains of the historic walls of the Castle,  until the Victory Bridge, the Old Bridge and “Borgo Piave”, ancient river port of the city. Yellow path, named “900”: from Sports Hall to Garibaldi way, a trip into Belluno as if we were in the first half of the century, through significant examples of architecture made ,but not only, by Riccardo Alfarè.

Blue path, named “Dino Buzzati”: from the railway station to the square of St. Martin Cathedral, with a break on the panoramic terrace of Castle Square, from which you can admire the small S. Pellegrino Church annexed to the house where the famous writer Dino Buzzati was born.

Red path,named “Dolomites”: from the visitor center of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park ,  in Piloni Square, to the Square of St. Martin Cathedral, the route winds in the characteristic heart  of the city, between St. Stephan Square, Market Square and the civic tower. Green path, named “Sebastiano Ricci”: from Lambioi Parking Area to Rugo Gate, across Mezzaterra Street, the path visits the ancient heart of the city of Belluno.

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