Falcade - Valle del Biois
Nel Bosco degli Artisti  i visitatori sono invitati a scoprire le diverse opere nascoste tra gli alberi (PromoFalcade)

Never before have we longed to be transported by the magic of places where the only sounds are those of our steps and the music of nature. The Valle del Biois in the San Pellegrino Ski Area, is home to one of the jewels of the Belluno Dolomites. Starting from the tiny village of Falcade, “cradled” by the imposing rocky walls of Focobon, the cableway from Molino to Le Buse will take you up to an altitude of 1890m. Right here, a few metres from the cable car station at the top, is the Artists’ Forest, an open-air gallery of natural masterpieces complementing the artistry of the many sculptors and painters of the Val Biois who draw their inspiration from the beauty of their local landscape and traditions. On a circular route of about 1 km visitors are treated to one artwork after another between the trees. A concert - La Mia Terra - will be held in this magical spot on 7 August 2020, starting at 10.30, featuring the great orchestra conducted by maestro Diego Basso.

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