In the reign of chamois: Mandriz and Piz del Corvo
Camoscio in Val Fiorentina (Ufficio Turistico - Pro Loco Val Fiorentina)

Up at dawn. To observe the chamois we need to renounce some hours of sleep, but it worth it: we will discover the hidden nooks of Piz del Corvo, a peak that, together with Mount Cernera, is a fundamental part of the Dolomiti Unesco n.1 Mount Pelmo – Croda da Lago system.

The itinerary is of average difficulty. It unfolds along the Cai trails 465/466 and has to be considered unique: the higher you rise, the more remote you run in time.
We start from the historical hamlet of L’Andria – Toffol with its ancient mill, the typical barns and the limekilns (“calchere”). Going up the path, we find the archeological site of Mandriz: in the late Neolithic and in the Chalcolithic period, wandering people lingered here and their finds are preserved in the Vittorino Cazzetta Civic Museum.

The forest clears up and leaves space to moors and subalpine meadows, as well as the stunning walls of Mount Cernera and Piz del Corvo. The wild and pure nature is the main character: reigns of eagles, groundhogs and chamois. We have to keep our eyes open, our guests are already observing us. With the binoculars in hand, we look at the Piz del Corvo wall and we see a bunch of chamois. It is June, the best month for the “chamois kindergarten”. The old females look after the cubs, while the mothers can quietly graze. The cubs are playing on a patch of snow: they slide down and quickly climb back up again for another round. It is really exiting, but the bunch is moving towards the rocks jumping here and there. Therefore, we decide to move forward hoping to meet them again later.

Once we reach the Pont de Sas (i.e. a natural stone bridge), the geological history become the protagonist, since the rock layers of Corvo Alto show us millions of years of history. When we reach the peak of Piz del Corvo, we can finally relax: the wonderful Dolomites and the Fiorentina Valley open up in front of us and let us speechless. Sadly, it is time to get back. While we walk through Valaza we find the chamois again watching at us with interest. It seems that they mean to wish us a good downhill. We ultimately reach Mondeval de Sota and stop at Pien de Vacia alpine hut, in which we can taste genuine flavors and cheerfully finish a unique journey between nature, history and geology.

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