Journey in an extraordinary territory
I Cadini del Brenton

Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park was born to safeguard a territory of extraordinary landscape and naturalistic value. Vette Feltrine and Monte Serva were already very famous for their flora in the 18th century. The presence of rare species and of an extraordinary variety of environments is given above all to the geographical location. As a matter of fact, the Park is situated at the edge of the south-eastern Alps, in very inaccessible areas, part of which were not covered by ice during the very cold periods (glaciations) which came after each other in the Quaternary period, until 10,000-12,000 years ago.

Different environments and cultures gravitate around the Park area. The country hamlets situated on the slopes facing Valle del Piave (Feltrino and Bellunese areas) are without a doubt very different from the towns of Agordo or Val di Zoldo, situated on slopes characterized by completely different climatic and geological features.

The most interesting places from a naturalistic point of view can be found in the highest areas, in the plateaus, in the basins of glacial origin; however, there are stations of great importance also in the valleys and in the busiest accesses. The great variety of environments and landscapes is the most evident feature of the Park: it can be particularly appreciated in summer, with its unbridled blossoms.

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