Olt de Val D’Arc
Olt de Val D’Arc

“Olt de Val d’Arc” (or Val d’Arc bridge) is a natural rock arch in the woods of the Bellunese Prealps. Its formation is due to the erosion of the limestone rock by rainwater and the consequent small collapses in the weaker parts. This natural rock bridge is very rare in its kind and historically very important: the ownership of this wander was the reason of many battles between the inhabitants of the two neighboring municipalities, Mel and Miane, following the donation of the Castle and Zumelle County to the bishop of Belluno by Sofia Da Camino, countess of Colfosco. From 1177, the year of the donation, there were numerous quarrels and mediation attempts between the locals.

However, all negotiations failed until 1838, the year in which an agreement was reached by establishing the Pont de Val d’Arch as the border between the municipalities of Mel (province of Belluno) and Miane (province of Treviso).

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