Recharging break: the huts of the basin of Agordo
Moiazza e Civetta dal Framont (Ufficio Turistico di Agordo)

A very important part of the mountain life is to live for at least one day and one night in a hut. The Italian Alpine Club in Agordo, first section founded in the Dolomites more than 150 years ago, is the owner of accessible structures approachable without any particular difficulty located in two panoramic positions . These two huts were built following different styles, but they are joined by the same passion for friendliness, from the Great Beauty of the landscape and an uncontaminated nature. Their history is strictly linked to the Italian Alpine Club section that realized and modernized the huts, using a particular care until today.

Bruto Carestiato hut located in Còl dei Pass under the southern fossil cliff of mount Moiazza, was inaugurated in 1950 and entitled to the memory of a a young mountaineer died while climbing on the Civetta group.

The hut is easily accessible from Duran Pass walking for 45 minutes and it is a reference point for hikers of the High Way n.1 of the Dolomites and for the climbers who want to climb Via Ferrata “Gianni Costantini” until the summit of Mount Moiazza, one of the longest and hardest of the Dolomites. In the other part of the basin of Agordo, on the eastern side of the Agnèr Group - Croda Granda, is located Scarpa-Gurekian hut, built in 1912 as a private chalet by the Venetian painter Enrico Scarpa and became an alpine hut of Italian Alpine Club in 1961.

Since 1984 is co-entitled to Ohannes Gurekian, engineer, refugee of Armenian origin, mountaineer and president of Italian Alpine Club in Agordo from 1930 to 1945, as well as founder of one of the first Pro Loco in Italy in Frassené, a small village called in the past “the little Cortina d’Ampezzo” for the numerous once existing hotel activities. It can be reached in about 1.30 hours walking from the little town of Frassené and it is an important point to support hikers for crossings and ascents throughout the eastern part of Pale of S. Martino mountains. Diego and his family in Col dei Pass and Marco in mount Agnèr are the site managers of two huts, confidential caretakers, who carry on with passion and sacrifice this important work for the mountain.

Leading actors and story tellers of this fantastic land, welcome and refresh with hospitality made of warmth and tradition the hikers and the climbers from anywhere in the world, that in these places find one regenerating stop, before to start for a new one departure and to reach new fantastic horizons.

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