Relaxing walks
Trekking (Arabba fodom Turismo, PH Nicolò Miana)

It is impossible to walk along the walls of Col di Lana without breathing the adventures that crossed it over the years; in fact this mountain of 2.452m, formed by volcanic rock, divided into several peaks, is the symbol of the Fodom valley and allows you to retrace the history of the First World War between trenches and walkways.

Theater of fierce fighting, Col di Lana is also known as blood mountain, and on its top there is the chapel dedicated to the brave fallen, which are remembered every August with a commemoration, in presence of military delegations of the Italian and Austrian army. Another historical note is represented by the Great War Museum, located at the Pordoi Pass.
For lovers of sunset or sunrise, it is possible to stay overnight at the bivouac Brigata Alpina Cadore and enjoy the phenomenon of the “enrosadira” admiring the​ peaks take on a pink-reddish color, which gradually turns into violet.

Speaking of history and art, it is impossible not to mention the Andraz Castle, one of the most fascinating symbols of the Eastern Alpine area. Built in the early years of the 11th century, on a rocky spur at the foot of the Falzarego Pass at 1.750 meters above sea level, in a majesty place, in a beautiful landscape became an open-air museum, rich in culture and history.

During the XIII and XIV centuries the castle was inhabited by feudal families of the Prince-Bishop of Bressanone, among the most illustrious inhabitants, the philosopher, astronomer and scientist Nicolò Cusano is remembered , and it was also the site for the processing of iron that came from the mines of Fursil. Numerous cultural and musical events are organized inside the Castle every year.

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